Visa for Diplomatic And Official Visits
Official Visit

Diplomatic or Official Passport holders intending to visit Sri Lanka for Official purposes should have prior visas before traveling to Sri Lanka. They are required to forward their visa applications through the nearest Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission or directly to the Department of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo. Application are to be submitted with Note Verbale from the relevant Mission and the invitation from the relevant Organization in Sri Lanka confirming that the visit is official. Gratis ETA and visa endorsement will be issued by the Sri Lanka Mission for Diplomatic and Official passport holders.

Private Visit

Diplomatic and Official Passport holders on private visits to Sri Lanka should follow the normal ETA application procedure applicable for Tourists and standard ETA fees are applicable.

Documents Requirement For Entry Visa

  • Completed visa Application form 
  • Data page of the passport of applicant - Copy
  • Request letter of the sponsoring organization - Original
  • Visa recommendation letter issued by the Line Ministry - Original
Diplomats and officials from following counties are entitled for Gratis Visa on arrival


Union of Myanmar Diplomatic , Official Services 30 Days
Islamic Republic of Pakistan Diplomatic , Official 30 Days
Federative Republic of Brazil Diplomatic , Official Services 90 Days
Republic of Chile Diplomatic , Official 90 Days
Republic of Serbia Diplomatic , Official 90 Days
Russian Federation Diplomatic , Official Services 30 Days
Seychelles Diplomatic, Official or Ordinary 60 days at each visit and cumulative duration of 90 days in a year
Peoples Republic of China (PRC) Diplomatic, Official Service and Public affairs on the basis of equality and reciprocity Up to 30 days
United Arab Emirates(UAE) Diplomatic, Official, Special Passport holders Up to 30 days